he turned to face her, challenging, eyes sparkling and mouth twisted slightly (ineffectively hiding his smile). she slowly stepped forward into the sudden thickening silence, pushing forward with concentrated effort, his grey-blue gaze slowly looming closer and larger till the irises expanded and expanded and engulfed her completely. she stepped through onto the pale sand … Continue reading Dreamscape

Little Victories

He wondered when she was coming home. No amount of frantic barking made the front door open, nor did scratching at the door and whining make the gravel in the driveway crunch with the weight of car wheels. After sniffing all around the house (maybe she was hiding again), he resigned himself to his fate, … Continue reading Little Victories

I Knew

I guess I knew once I woke up and my throat was cold and desert-dry from the determined draft seeping in from the cracked open window. I knew when the blankets were finally just warm enough, holding me captive in comfort, and not frantically cast off to alleviate the suddenly stifling straight-jacket feeling. I definitely … Continue reading I Knew

Walking Canvas

i keep dreaming of ink flowing across my body a never-ending cascade of art, permanently etched, making me smile when i wake up in the morning and shuffle to the mirror, rub the sleep from my eyes and remember that i’m a walking canvas. last night, i dreamt that my mother and i went to … Continue reading Walking Canvas


As the sun finally sets, and dusk settles in, I write your name in the sand for the 157th time. For the 157th time, the water rushes forward and laps it up, as though to remind me that I should just forget you. I write it again, And before I finish the last loop, the water … Continue reading 157

Head to Toe

I dreamt of your stormy grey eyes, tired but twinkly, wondered if I’d get to laugh with you and watch the crinkles in the corners deepen or lean my head gently on your chest while  you hug me from behind,  strong presence at my back and arms wrapped loosely around my waist as we  watch … Continue reading Head to Toe