Something Bigger

By Che Guevara Starting didn’t accomplish much … I’ve started something again in idea a modern thought of infinite outcomes. You can now rejoice for I have began something bigger then you or I creator of this world and the next farewell I have bested what the majority keeps in contemplation ain’t it something we […]

Fly By

The days keep flying by, and all I can think of is that I hope time stops but not yet only when I round the corner and finally see you and drink in the way you look at me and forget how I got from my door and into your arms, burrowing till our bodies […]


he turned to face her, challenging, eyes sparkling and mouth twisted slightly (ineffectively hiding his smile). she slowly stepped forward into the sudden thickening silence, pushing forward with concentrated effort, his grey-blue gaze slowly looming closer and larger till the irises expanded and expanded and engulfed her completely. she stepped through onto the pale sand […]

I Knew

I guess I knew once I woke up and my throat was cold and desert-dry from the determined draft seeping in from the cracked open window. I knew when the blankets were finally just warm enough, holding me captive in comfort, and not frantically cast off to alleviate the suddenly stifling straight-jacket feeling. I definitely […]