Little Victories

He wondered when she was coming home. No amount of frantic barking made the front door open, nor did scratching at the door and whining make the gravel in the driveway crunch with the weight of car wheels. After sniffing all around the house (maybe she was hiding again), he resigned himself to his fate, … Continue reading Little Victories

Tell Me a Story

Recently, we’ve all had pages and pages of information forced under our noses. After all of the (important, though exhausting) discourse, I’ve been wanting to read something a little shorter, and sweeter. I asked anyone willing to collaborate to send me, in no more than 200 words, a short and sweet story. They delivered, and … Continue reading Tell Me a Story

New York

UES Walked the streets of New York, passed the perfect Upper East Side giraffes and their shell-shocked, “Is this really my life?” male companions that follow in the wake of those demanding heels, the homeless people appealing for a dollar, collecting for a street corner hot dog or projecting their musical prowess at midnight on … Continue reading New York


My next place, she muses, will have hardwood floors, shining in their newness. It will have high ceilings and many, many windows, so that the sun can beam through. Perhaps she’ll have a cat, and her cat will nap in the pools of sunshine pouring into the apartment, heating those hardwood floors. She walks over … Continue reading Natalie