Tell Me a Story

Recently, we’ve all had pages and pages of information forced under our noses. After all of the (important, though exhausting) discourse, I’ve been wanting to read something a little shorter, and sweeter. I asked anyone willing to collaborate to send me, in no more than 200 words, a short and sweet story. They delivered, and … Continue reading Tell Me a Story

What If

i hope he lifts me up in the air spins me around – until my vision gets blurry and my head threatens to fall off until i can’t tell if i want to die or laugh until i almost pass out – and sets me down.   sometimes i pretend that my honey wheat pretzel … Continue reading What If

New York

UES Walked the streets of New York, passed the perfect Upper East Side giraffes and their shell-shocked, “Is this really my life?” male companions that follow in the wake of those demanding heels, the homeless people appealing for a dollar, collecting for a street corner hot dog or projecting their musical prowess at midnight on … Continue reading New York